Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bahrain's first...

This is not a fib nor a lie. Bahrain's first superhero has risen. Superman, Batman, Spidey; move aside. Bahrain's first superhero (yes, I said that already, but it just sounds so damn cool) is here.

Do not ask me how I came upon him. All I can say is that in the past week certain events have transpired that have led to the creation of this blog. A blog about a man who stands steadfast in the face of adversity. A man whose courage rips through obstacles. A man whose entire life is devoted to protecting the truth, to dispel fear, misunderstanding and misinformation. A man who once was an ordinary man. A man who is now a super-human. A man endowed with super-human powers. A man who is a true S U P E R H E R O.

Ladies and gentlemen, the good people of Bahrain. I am nothing more than a reporter in this most unusual of circumstance where fact and fiction intermingle. Where life seems to imitate art and art seems to have become all there is to see. Where a double take confirms rather than refutes that out there, out there in this tiny island of ours lives a man unlike any other man. A man who has become Bahrain's First Superhero.

That man's name is... B O I L E R M A N