Thursday, August 10, 2006

Block on Google No More! But is that it?

As many of you would have read and known since last night, Google Earth is unblocked! According to Al-Wasat:
عادت أمس خدمة «غوغل إيرث» إلى متصفحي الإنترنت وهو على ما يبدو إلغاء للقرار الذي صدر السبت الماضي من وزارة الاعلام إلى مقدمي خدمة الإنترنت لحجب «غوغل إيرث». وأكدت مصادر لـ «الوسط» أن الجهات الرسمية في صدد مخاطبة شركة «غوغل» بهدف حجب عدد من المواقع التي تعتبر حساسة.
"This is great news. However, we have to play it by ear as they say. Whatever is meant by blocking "sensitive" areas according to Al-Wasat's report remains to be seen. Sure, we have to protect our country's interest pertaining to national security. The keyword here is NATIONAL security. That does not mean anything else besides military installations and perhaps a few communication and backup uplink facilities here and there," said Boilerman.

Boilerman thanked all those who voiced their concerns about the block, saying that each and every one of them is a TRUE BAHRAINI HERO.