Friday, August 04, 2006

Disco is Dead

Here you have it folks. According to Boilerman, leaders of Arab states and their cronies are no different from all the other news characters. Whether it's Hosni or Groovy Kadaffy [sic], they're up there (or down there) with Olmert, Bin Laden and the rest of the nasty crew. They'd put their interests before those of the people.

"Even hardcore twisted murderous freaks like Bin Laden and Zawahiri who purport to serve the truth and the Islamic umma are doing it for their own egos and nothing else. Bin Laden says 'I do it for Islam' Olmert says he does it for realizing the 'Zionist' goal of a Jewish country. In the process, they both pilfer and kill with their terrorist activities," Boilerman said. "They're both in the same boat. As to some other leaders, they're in that same stinkin' boat as well. Subservient to their Swiss bank accounts and the feeling of never having to deal with credit card debt."

I asked Boilerman about his credit card debt problem. He said: "Well, it's something I have to live with. But I'm working day and night in the hope of eventually decreasing it to 15% of my income. However, as to the leaders of Arab states, their debt far exceeds mine. They are indebted to their people that they have dismissed as nothing more than just a minor concern. Their anachronistic ways are futile, however."

"The funny thing is, the puppet
masters in all of this are those who can lobby the best. You might think King Abdulla is leading the second coming of the Village People. But it's Olmert that's got the puppet master's hand up America's wazoo and America in turn has it up everyone else's wazoo."

Boilerman expressed his regret for the inability of Arab peoples to collude and lobby effectively. "We have bloody oil for goodness sake. We have a people that are more worldly aware than any out there. And yet we have governments that will entertain only those who agree with their anachronistic ways of tribal coallitions and bars of gold."

Ending, Boilerman stated that the current state of world leadership and affairs is no different from disconcerting 70s Disco LP covers. "It's time to move on. Disco is dead."