Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Insta-Fatwa, and Nose Picking on the Sabbath

Deliberation, competence, logic, reason and a sense of goodwill and trust in the human spirit all come together to provide the basis by which one is to follow the true path of faith offered by Islam or any other religion for that matter. And yet throughout the history of our religion, the Religion to end all religions, we have seen dileberations on subject matters at hand veer off into absurdity. Whether it's intentional malice on the part of the cleric/scholar, powerplay, or to entertain the whims of leaders, or any other reason, it is these sorts of missteps that have contributed in part to our Arab and Islamic nations disconnectedness and weakness.

True, Islam is an expanse by itself, a universe in and out of itself that cannot be fully comprehended, nor understood without serious study. Yet the basic principle of respect for all faiths, opinions and patience for those we do not agree with is clearly what is demanded of us as muslims in this day and age.

At BIN, we do not claim to know Islam in its entirety. We are, like most people, ordinary, run-of-the-mill guys with day jobs (and some with super-human powers by virtue of an accident) Rather, things like a fatwa banning internet usage, or the recent fatwa by Ibn Jibreen, are matters of consternation to us.

It is by no means an accident that the unifying theme for these "scholarly opinions" is Wahabism. From supporting al-Qaeda ("A silly organization with a bunch of confused socially incompetent losers," in Boilerman's words.) to dismissing fellow muslim Shi'ites as heretics, the Wahabi cult has done nothing but taken us back to a pre-Islam era of Jahiliyya, when the rule of one over many was the norm, and where war and aggression against even brothers and sisters was like having a weekend outing at the Seef.

"3nter and 3bla (Anter and Abla) are no more," said Boilerman. "It is time for us to wake up and smell the strong Arabic coffee, to bring back our heritage of reason in times of darkness!"

We remain optimists here at BIN. We are steadfast that the majority of muslims; both Sunni's and Shi'ites, are ordinary folk who want nothing more than to live happily and to prosper materially and spiritually according to their own convictions and beliefs. Convictions and beliefs which are maintained by the tenets and teachings of Islam.

So, before some Wahabi clerics ban nose picking as a Rabbinical directive in Israel has, let's all keep our cool and reason at hand next time we're examining what should be and should not be.

And let's remember, Islam sets out to make things better, including making the hard and trying times in life easier by means of a better appreciation of life, consequence and faith.

This is an op-ed of the Boilerman Information Network.