Sunday, August 13, 2006

Is the Ministry of (Dis)Information Run by Aliens????

Recent reports of UFO ACTIVITY in Bahrain have alerted BOILERMAN HQ to the immediate need for informing all islanders that an ALIEN THREAT IS IMMINENT!

"It all began with the UFO a Sri Lankan couple saw flying over Sitra Causeway... then we have the Ministry of Information blocking Google Earth... following that a sighting by the Tree of Life. This SMELLS OF A CONSPIRACY," Boilerman said in a statement earlier in the day.

"Blocking access to information has most likely been instigated by aliens working in the guise of ministerial officers. Without a doubt, there are powers at work that are colluding with an ALIEN ENEMY to TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY.

"It is only a matter of time before the vision of an alien future becomes true. Before our GPS devices stop working, before our water supply is contaminated, before our children are implanted with RFID tracking chips, etcetera!"

Asked what could be done to stop the alien invasion, Boilerman pressed the need for people to pickett and demand answers to questions such as "When will the Bahrain Financial Harbor finish? Why is it taking so long, and what about all the other real estate projects? Are they fib? Are they a decoy for the true goal of constructing an ALIEN LANDING POINT/SERVICE STATION? And why does the Jawad Service Station look like a prop from Forbidden Planet?

"The aliens are coming... if we don't act fast, the skies over Bahrain... over the Furdha, over the Tree of Life over YOUR HOUSE will be blocked by the underbelly of giant MOTHERSHIPS ready to blow each and everyone of us to bits!"

BIN encourages all citizens to report suspicious alien activity as soon as it happens.

This has been an urgent broadcast message of the BOILERMAN INFORMATION NETWORK.