Sunday, August 06, 2006

Plant a tree for every car sold!

Let's not even start about why Bahrain; an island, doesn't have a single decent public beach. Boilerman is peeved about Manama and it's lack of a properly maintained park. Sure, you've got Al-Andalous; but when was the last time you had a get together in that place, honestly? (Perhaps an 80's style concert is due? Simon and Garfunkel, anyone?)

Sure, the weather might not be conducive to outings during several months of the year. Yet Boilerman pities those comfortable, chilled weeks scattered here and there during the year's end that are spent indoors, mall ratting and coffee shop hopping.

Besides, wouldn't a properly designed park counteract the effects of hot weather and other unpleasanteries?

"Even in the new up and coming Seef District, there is no evidence of any public park being planned. Just concrete after concrete being piled up! It's a pity that even real estate developers in that area continue to turn a blind eye on public access green spaces around their buildings. They're just going for the maximum FlOORSPACE PER LAND SQM they can get. What about GRASS PER LAND SQM?"

Veering slightly off course, Boilerman stated "Believe me if you will or believe me not, yet I have a certain feeling that a conspiracy is at play here. Right here before our eyes. The good people of Bahrain are being tricked into spending 99.9% of their lifetimes indoors, refrigerated, cryoincinerated willingly in their 15 degrees celsius containment units; rooms, offices, shops, malls, even cars!

"And that just makes them spend more. Rather than enjoy the free, beautiful sights and sounds of nature, they're forced to just shop, gulp-down coffee, shop some more... even when they're driving, their A/C units increase petrol usage, making them spend more money on that as well! And wait... you see, the cycle comes 'round right here. The petrol fumes pollute the air, cause a greenhouse effect in cities like Manama, and you see... it's a vicious cycle! Lack of parks -> indoors -> spend money -> drive around with AC to another mall -> pollution -> greenhouse effect -> Lack of parks!"

Ending, Boilerman said that "Something has to be done. We have to campaign for more parks and proper city and urban planning. We need parks. And don't tell us it's the environment. We're in control of our environment somewhat, and we're making it worse by polluting it! For evey car sold, car dealers should vow to PLANT A TREE!"

With that, Boilerman's
campaign is on!