Monday, August 07, 2006

We'll fix it like it's our own!

That's right! After fellow blogger Mahmood's horrible experience with local repairmen, Boilerman together with Mahmood, Johnster and Ibn will change the face of maintenance and repair in Bahrain. Get ready to experience the professional difference with...
We'll fix it like it's our own!

We're the first business in Bahrain to be NON-UVP GUARANTEED! That is, we are definitely not a bunch of Unintentionally Villanous Persons (UVPs)*. Think of it as our version of the Better Business Bureau.

Boilerman said that "This is one step forward for our country.

"From lower blood pressure to a decrease in ulcer cases and happier partners, the NON-UVP program and companies like The Boilermen Repair and Maintenance Co. will greatly enhance the island's standard of living," added Boilerman.

*Not a full-fledged villain mind you, rather a dumbass who doesn’t know shit and just ends up screwing you real bad.